A silver pocket watch with a white face and black Roman numerals, perfect for subtle branding. The watch features black hour and minute hands, a smaller second hand in the center, and is encased in a round metal frame with a loop at the top for attaching a chain.

Timeless Branding

First impressions are everything and exceptional branding can give you an edge on your competitors in the eyes of customers. Our team of award-winning branding experts will work with you to develop a timeless brand identity that will resonate with your customers.

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Brand Strategy
Having an effective brand strategy is the foundation for successful businesses & products. Based on extensive market research, we’ll work with you to develop a long-term plan to successfully grow your brand and achieve your goals.

Brand Refresh
Every industry goes through changes and brand refreshes are a great way to keep your company’s image current. They infuse new energy into your business and while preserving your brand’s integrity and recognition in the marketplace.

If you’re looking for a name that sets you apart, you’re in the right place. Our creative team does all the legwork researching trademarks, URLs, cultural checks, and search results ensuring that you only fall in love with names you can have.

Stationary Design
From business cards to notepads, your stationary design is very important. We evaluate every design decision, paper selection, and printing technique to ensure your stationary enhances your brand’s visual identity.

Brand Identity Design
Designing brand identities is extensive. From your name & logo all the way down to the personality & voice of your brand, we’ll perfect your identity with forethought into every interaction consumers will have with your brand.

Individual Branding
Pursuing an individual branding strategy can be effective in segmenting downside risk between your business ventures while providing you flexibility in positioning & marketing your brands differently from one another.

A tagline is a short, powerful phrase that represents the overall tone & feeling of a brand. A properly executed tagline will become instantly recognizable to consumers and will help define the ethos of your company & it’s mission.

Annual Reports
Your annual report is a great way to show off & extend of your brand’s visual identity. We work with you to plan your content and provide creative direction to ensure your report is both informative and aesthetically pleasing.

If your brand doesn’t differentiate itself from your competitors or struggles to connect with consumers, you might need a rebrand. A radical change in branding can be the catalyst that brings growth back to your product or company.

Logo Design
Cody Riise has been internationally recognized, published and awarded for his logo designs. In 2016 alone he’s received one platinum, three gold and two silver logo design awards from the prestigious design competition, Graphis.

The word slogan means “battle cry” and a strong slogan can help turn the tide in the war of grabbing market share. Unlike taglines, slogans are often used for only one product or campaign and change frequently based on the battle at hand.

Swag Design
Swag is a great way to build your brand’s awareness and can consist of everything from corporate polos & hats to pens & USB sticks. We’ll work with you to develop awesome swag for your employees and memorable leave-behinds for your customers.