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Influencing consumers to purchase your product over a competitor’s is a science in itself and effective packaging can be the deciding factor that tilts the scales in your favor. Our vetted, in-depth package design process will help increase the customer-perceived value of your product & brand, make your product pop-off the shelf, and aid you in gaining market share.

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Food & Beverage – Simply put, we specialize in developing packaging that consumers crave. Through intensive research, we design food & beverage packaging that appeals to consumer’s senses getting your product off the store shelf and into their hands.

Health & Beauty – Now more than ever consumers are concerned about their health and appearance. The right health & beauty packaging can communicate your product’s value and superiority with a message that resonates with consumers.

Home & Garden – Consumers hold great pride in their homes and often make these purchases based upon product quality and style. We work with you to develop home & garden packaging that conveys prestige and speaks to consumer’s desires.

Retail – Retail packaging is not only an extension of your brand’s identity. It’s also an invaluable resource in building your brand’s recognition. We’ll develop packaging that grabs and holds consumer’s attention while staying true to your brand’s essence.

Fashion – Fashion packaging is all about style. Consumers often view fashion purchases as a direct reflection of themselves and their individuality. The right packaging can create a lasting connection between your brand’s identity and the consumer’s.

Entertainment – Entertainment packaging can be a musician’s album cover, a movie’s DVD case or anything in-between. We’ll work directly with you to ensure the final artwork is both marketable and speaks to the artist’s true creative vision.

Books – A picture is worth a thousand words and this idiom holds especially true for book covers. We work directly with publishers and authors to create book cover designs that pop-off the store shelf while staying true to the author’s work.

Industrial – Industrial packaging is not only about design it’s also about functionality. Expertly designed packaging protects products in transit, features a space-saving structure and provides consumers with an overall positive experience.

Office – Office supply packaging is becoming increasingly more creative in aesthetic and functionality. We will work with you to develop creative packaging that consumers find aesthetically refreshing, functional, easy-to-use and eco-friendly.

Sports & Athletics – Consumers are continually searching for quality athletic gear that aids them in reaching their goals. Successful sports & athletic packaging can convey the performance consumers yearn for and influence their purchase decisions.

Technology – Effective technology packaging exhibits a perfect blend of form, function and aesthetic. Masterfully balancing these three pillars of design & engineering is crucial in creating a positive user experience around your product.

Everything Else – Have a unique product that needs a unique packaging solution? Not a problem, we love a challenge. We’ll work with you to develop packaging that appeals to consumers while communicating your product’s value.